MÜSİAD is an “Association of Businessmen” founded in İstanbul on May 5, 1990, by a group of mindful businessmen who set out with the dream of an integrated Turkey that is economically and politically efficient in its region, and is prestigious at the global scale; a Turkey where rights, law, justice, equality, peace, trust, prosperity, and happiness prevail; and where local and universal values entrenched in history and society are closely observed.


With more than 7000 members, MÜSİAD stands as a powerful NGO that; 


  • Represents approximately 35.000 enterprises and provides employment to around 1.500.000 people,
  • Operates in 73 liaison offices at the domestic level, and communicates the problems, feedback and suggestions of its members to the relevant public organizations and institutions in place,
  • Serves internationally in 146 points in 55 countries with 4 active representatives.

Bearing the status of a “public benefit society”, MÜSİAD is a model education, guidance, and consultancy center not only for the business world but also for all other segments of the society, and that carries out its practices and work on strictly professional grounds.