PUMAX industry and service indices have been developed by assigning a weight to the relevant sub-indices based on a given percentage value. These weights were decided on the basis of focus group meetings hosting expert academicians in the field as well as purchasing managers, and of questionnaires that measure   the    significance   of   each   indicator   regarding the well-being of the company. Values were rounded up for ease of use. 

PUMAX composite index is calculated on the basis of the average values based on what relative weight each sector in the significance of each indicator regarding the well-being of the company. Values were rounded up for ease of use. service and industry holds within the GDP of Turkey. These values represent   the weights of service and industry sectors in economy, after deducting the share of the agriculture sector from the total GNP. In 2012, the weight was 69,15% for the service sector and 30,85% for industry, and those were the values used in formulating the 2013 SAMEKS index. Following the announcement of the 2013 GNP values, the weights will be recalculated for 2014.